Welcome the previous and the future participants of Silver Veteran Rallye!

The history of the competition started in 2003, having the idea on the meetings of the Oldtimers club Banska Stiavnica, for to organise the international oldtimer´s competition. The source for to find the right name came from the history of the town Banska Stiavnica, where in the past was a centre of silver and gold mining. Therefore this oldtimer´s event got the name Silver Veteran Rallye.

The first competition started 2004, where 24 crews from Czechia, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France and Slovakia took part . The director of the Rallye was Mr Pavol Skala. His great experiences by managing various oldtimer´s events in past brought the fruit in high avaluation of the competition by all participants. The Rallye was organised in the surroundings of the region of Banska Stiavnica. The stages of the route were done by the scheme"star" with the distances from 60 till 200 km, by total Rallye´s distance of 1020 km. The participants have seen wonderfull nature of Stiavnica´s mountains, historic buildings on the main square in Banska Stiavnica - the town, which is written in the list of world heritage by UNESCO. Also it took place the gourment of Slovakian kitchen, we went through the unique mine and we looked for the Stiavnica´s lakes in the night´s drive.

Because we have in the mind always for to prepare the rallye as much as interesting and adventure oriented, we decided for 2006 to organize the rallye´s route more on "East" and we started in the town of Humenne, very beautifull East Slovakian town with the excellent people and the marvelouse nature. Into this competition it took part of 28 crews coming from Czechia, Germany, Switzerland, Great Britain, France, Belgium, Austria and Slovakia. The most great enjoy was the visit of the town Uzhorod, Ukraine. It was managed in assistance with our friends as the most fast and uncomplicated transfer of the oldtimers through this border. The participants appreciated very much an extraordinaly warm welcome of many people in the main square of Uzhorod.

On this event it took part also the Mayor of Uzhorod and the Governor of Zakarpatska region. In further stages we visited north part of East Slovakia, lake Zemplinska Sirava and delighted by the panorama views of beautiful nature by the longest stage - 320 km - going to Liptovsky Jan. After we visited the Ciernohorska forest railways, further forwarding to the goal of the rallye to Banska Stiavnica. After it joined us the participants of the Slovak Cup of Historical Vehicles and together we drove the last stage. The final point of the whole event was the Concours d´Elegance and the closing ceremony.

Finishing the Rallye, we took a rest, we find new spirit and to push ourselves for a new Rallye 2008. We took as a start point the Slovenien town Moravske Toplice and we asked Mr Gustav Kaldarar to be a honorable director of this Rallye. The stages will be in the territory of East Slovenia, further in Hungary, by coming into Slovakia in Banska Stiavnica. The date of the Rallye was stated for the period starting 22nd June till 29th June 2008. This competition was given an official license of FIVA A and it will be supervised by the FIVA steward Mr Ladislav Pakosta from Czech Republic.

We are looking forward to be again with you!

Filip Ondris
executive director of the competition